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Name: Eric Killough
Phone: 3344292085
Country: us
Date: 03/01/2017 11:22:18
Comment: 2-40'x400'breeder house equipment for sale. chain feeders, feed bins, generator , waters ,lights, fans, slats, nest, tables, coolers, ect.

Name: Lisa Kirk
Phone: 9016874007
Country: United States
Date: 01/31/2017 10:03:11
Comment: Looking for used equipment for small farm

Name: Andrew kent
Phone: 360630969
Country: United States
Date: 01/14/2017 22:46:55
Comment: I have a magic waterless egg washer/cleaner made in 1933 that is I'm great shape and I would like to find it a home or poultry museum to purchase this from me and restore/place on display for years to come. Email for pictures

Name: Collin Geltz
Phone: 16185540840
Country: United States
Date: 11/07/2016 10:05:36
Comment: I'm looking to buy an egg washer and maybe a grader as well. We only have 250 hens but looking to expand. Please call or text 618-554-0840. We also are looking for farms to visit to gain knowledge about free range poultry. Thanks and God bless!

Name: joshua zimmerman
Phone: 610 587 0939
Country: usa
Date: 10/21/2016 17:42:58
Comment: I am looking for a used egg washer that does a good job on white eggs , can anyone tell me where to find one ?

Name: Chris
Phone: 320-250-6827
Country: MN, USA
Date: 09/22/2016 15:13:59
Comment: Looking for a used model 5S machine, prefer to have it with candling and sanitizing solution options but doesn't have to! Call or text anytime day or night with what you have! Thanks!

Name: Dominic
Phone: 613-931-1111
Country: Canada
Date: 09/16/2016 21:08:29
Comment: I am looking for a good used Model CSG egg machine.

Name: Brice Hitzfield
Phone: 260-760-1716
Country: USA
Date: 08/19/2016 07:26:33
Comment: Selling affordable community style rollout nest boxes. Can handle up to 45 hens per box. Visit to order or call 260-760-1716

Name: Paul Guncheon
Phone: 8083871611
Country: United States
Date: 08/03/2016 14:37:39
Comment: I have been given a possible project of restoring an old "Magic" waterless egg washer. It uses small bands of sandpaper to clean the eggs. The machine is a true mess as, being Hawai'i, the environment and associated insects have had their way with it while it was forgotten in a now collapsed out building. I would greatly appreciate any information of any kind, including photos of operational units, anyone might have to aid me in the restoration. Mahalo.

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